We have the people you need. Team of 50 skilled developers.

Solution suited to your needs

We may provide experienced developers or entire project teams The cooperation model is adjusted to your needs. Our specialists can work for you full-time, part-time, just for a few sprints or during the whole project development.

Body leasing benefits

It is a perfect decision in situations of rapidly increasing number of tasks, temporary demand for more employees
who are skilled and experienced.


In Body leasing model, we ‘borrow’ our employees for the indicated period of time. This solution allows our
customers to gain access to the knowledge and tools they need. Our client can optimize the cost, increase
efficiency in responding to changes.


This solution is attractive also from HR point of view. Client doesn’t have to involve his staff in time-consuming and
costly recruitment processes. The only thing needed here is to verify and accept the reported number of hours
worked by our specialists. We can take care of the rest

Team of 50 skilled developers

JAVA, PHP, iOS, Android, UX. Silk Software House was created in 2013

18 years of experience

in many IT areas including complex business intelligence solutions, web, mobile and desktop applications.

Over 400 projects

delivered for 150 clients from the following industries: IT, pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, publishing, media, marketing, advertising, logistics and HR. All those projects with lots of technological invention and inspiration!

We develop dedicated systems

websites, web/mobile/desktop applications. We are able to flawlessly take over IT projects in the middle of the implementation because. We have the skills to perform necessary audits and code-base reviews.

Silk Software House operates globally

We cooperate with clients from Denmark, Sweden, UK, Australia, USA, Malaysia and Romania.


We have extensive experience in remote collaboration with foreign companies. We have developed flexible
communication systems with customers in other time zones and we know how to cooperate in multicultural
business backgrounds. Therefore, we are able to quickly establish professional and trust-based relationships with
foreign clients’ teams.


We operate in SCRUM, e-Kanban, XP, or FDD and use:

Body leasing basic conditions:

Flexible cooperation models

The cooperation model adjusted to your needs. Our specialists can work for you full-time, part-time, just for a few sprints or during the whole project development. We can show you some samples of their code or you can interview or test them yourself. We may provide you replacement during their holidays.

Project management

We operate in SCRUM, e-Kanban, XP, or FDD. But we do remember that the methodology must not overshadow the objective, which is always customer satisfaction with good implementation. We can support your team with project managers and team leader if you need them. Our programmers can however fill in gaps in your project team.

Cost tracking

We provide you up to date reports with programmers timesheets. We prepare invoices after each sprint.

Geographical Proximity

We are located in the heart of Europe. Wherever you are we can access you easily through a network of airplane connections. Our specialists work in our office, so most of the time you can access them remotely, however in case you need them for project's kick-off or workshops - we can easily make it happen.

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