GPW - stock exchange game

Aim of the project

As a technological partner, in cooperation with the Stock Exchange, we create a series of stock exchange games:

1. The School Online Stock Exchange Game
2. Student Stock Exchange Game
3. Parkiet Challenge game

The recently completed SIGG was attended by nearly 20,000 participants, for whom we processed over 350,000 transactions and orders, all based on real market quotes!

As part of this long-term project, we have implemented:
– a system that is a full-scale simulation of the WSE capital market
– access to stock exchange quotes as part of integration with the WSE and a technical analysis module
– modern and dynamic user interface

Tech stack: Spring Boot (Security, Data JPA, Data Redis, Websocket, Cloud AWS), PostgreSQL, Redis, ActiveMQ, Amazon Web Services

Key features
  • Access to online listings and technical analysis module
  • Integration of the service with GPW internal systems
  • Modern and dynamic user interface (javascript)
  • Project implemented in a timely manner, under high time pressure
  • Ensuring a high level of security due to game data coming from the real the Stock Exchange
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