We develop solutions for start-ups. We know how to build, scale and ultimately create a successful business.

We know how to do it

We know from experience what challenges start-ups face every day. We understand that without preexisting
connections, access to talented people and very often simple luck, can be difficult to come by.


This is why Silk Software House provides in-depth consulting for start-ups and helps define product vision. Our IT-
Consulting services ensures start-ups can prove to investors they have solid tech-background with tech- talents on board!

Optimization and IT Strategy

Bringing in an IT consultant with an open mind and many years of experience is a great way to ensure that your company
has great technology- and what’s more important-knows how to use it. This decision can only increase your productivity,
improve your customer service and help you to define long-term goals.


The idea of IT consultant is very simple. Start-up consultant is someone who is brought in to a startup on a short-term basis
to help move a specific aspect of the company forward. He offers his experience, skills and an outside-perspective.

Business Analysis

It's worth remembering that clear vision is required in order to determine the purpose of the product. But sometimes it's not easy to bring this idea out of the client.
Questions to consider are:

Do we have product strategy?


What value will the product bring to its customers?


Is the product we're building in line with our product strategy?

Silk Software House offers business analysis skills. Business analysis stage enhances the likelihood of market success. We can help you to assess what the market will truly value and thereby ensure that product strategy is aligned with the realities of the marketplace. We are focused on delivering business value, but we do not forget about technicalities of the solution. Perfect skills combination of market- behaviour and technical knowledge ensures valuable input and recommendations.'

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